An Introduction to Professional Financial Planning

A carefully constructed Financial Plan is your road map to secure financial independence and wealth creation. Far too many people ignore this incredibly important part of their lives. Don’t be like other people. Rather speak to me and get a considered plan in place to secure your future. I only use the very best Asset Managers who have decades of proven track record to grow your wealth and I am supported by the bonus structure of one of South Africa’s top insurance companies.

My philosophy is that I show you where my money and my family’s is invested to give you the assurance that I am constantly watching the current and future performance of our money.

I run regular workshops with the top Asset Managers so that you become empowered with the best investment knowledge available. With this knowledge you will become more comfortable with the financial markets and how to grow your wealth over time.

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Fee Structure

All fees are disclosed on each Financial Product and are unique to the product in question.

Fees differ depending on the Asset Manager used as well as the length of time that you are invested for.

Retirement Annuities typically have lower fee structure over time.

Check to ensure that the new EAC Fee Structure is displayed on any Financial Product that you purchase into. EAC stands for Effective Annual Cost.

Retirement Bonus

Einstein said that the 8th Wonder of the World is Compounding. Compounding is when your money doubles and then doubles again and then doubles again over time. This is normally achieved with the best Asset Managers managing your money and over time. With the following bonus structure your compounding now gets an extremely significant boost when you go on retirement. Depending how long you will be in the structure for is how large the bonus will be. A 20 year old retiring at 55 would have been in the system for 35 years and will receive a 90% bonus. I only recommend top performing Asset Managers and I am supported by one of South Africa’s top performing and oldest Insurance companies.
Term In YearsBonus %

Our services

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Guaranteed Investment Opportunity

SANLAM, the South African Insurance giant, has launched a limited offer 5 year investment plan.
This is suitable for investors who are worried about the volatility in local and world affairs but still need a good return on their investments.
For example if you want to lock your cash up for a 5 year period knowing that you will not lose it and that it will grow. Education funds are a perfect example, as are preretirement funds.

This is how the investment works:

  • Fully Guaranteed by SANLAM, the South African Insurance giant.
  • Funds are committed for 5 years
  • Capital is guaranteed. If the market disintegrates at any time during the life of the investment, the capital will be repaid in full.
  • At the end of 5 years, you will be paid your capital plus 75% gross
  • If the investment outperforms, you will keep 100% of the outperformance above 75%.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will apply at the end of 5 years.
  • When the money is paid out, you will be free to reinvest it as you see fit at the time.

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